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Prevent Cyberbullying with mSpy

by spygadgets • September 13, 2016 • No Comments

Preventing Cyberbullying with mSpy: An mSpy Review

What is CyberBullying ?

Cyberbullying is the use of phone, internet, and other mobile communication gadgets to intimidate, terrorize or frighten a child. Cyberbullies generally deliberately make a person depressed or afraid. During cyberbullying, the bully sends threatening or intimidating text messages, sms, instant messages, emails etc to the victim. The specifics and methods used are usually a factor of the bully’s imagination, and technology available. What is however certain is that as more children/teenagers are getting online the incidence of cyberbulling continue to rise. This is also the case as more communication channels are available for online interactions.

Preventing Cyberbullying with mSpy

Victims and Perpetrators

Children and teenagers are typically victims/perpetrators of cyber-bullying. Hence, cyber bullying is usually from one child/teenager to another. This implies that victim of cyberbullying may also become the perpetrator. This is the case when a former victim tries to ‘revenge’ or generally practice the newly acquired ‘skill.’ And just like that, a new cyberbully is born!

When it is an adult versus a child, the dynamics changes. It becomes cyber-stalking or cyber-harrasment

Hard to spot

As earlier mentioned, cyberbullying happens among peers. Hence, some victims (children and teenagers) of cyber bulling are often scared, ashamed or too embarrassed to tell their parent. They also find it difficult to seek counseling from older people for similar reasons. This makes it difficult to detect cyberbullying. Perpetrators also seem to enjoy the ‘power’, or may be ignorant of what their action could lead to. Either way, there is always a consequence.


Children and teenagers who have been victims of cyberbullying and online abuse, have been known take matter in their hands. Some commit  commit crime and other vices as a result. Some have been bullied and abused to the point that they commit suicide. Cyberbullying affects the upbringing of a child. It could could cause serious mental health problems that are very difficult to deal with. It is always better to prevent it, than cure it.

mSpy to the rescue

Permanently denying your child online access is not usually recommended. However, you can you can monitor your kids online interactions and activities using mSpy. With mSpy your can monitor chats, sms, social media, and other channels your child/ward use to for online and mobile communication. It is by knowing that you can prevent take action against cyberbullying, and protect your child(ren)/ward(s) against cyberbullies, or prevent them from being one themselves. Using mSpy, you can watch over your loved ones and know what they are doing online. With mSpy, you can quickly isolate cyberbullying, and deal with it before it becomes a big problem for your family. Take action before cyberbullies do. Try mSpy.

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