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Key features of mSpy email tracking and monitoring – An mSpy Review

by spygadgets • September 19, 2016 • No Comments

Key features of mSpy email tracking monitoring

Spying on email has never been so easy. Now you can get all the fine details of an email in monitored device with the powerful email spying software – mSpy. mSpy email tracking feature gives you the power to obtain these detailed information from the control panel.

Below are the key features of mSpy email tracking monitoring software

1. Read content from all incoming and outgoing emails

With mSpy email tracking monitoring application, you can read the full content of any email in the monitored device. The ability to read content of an email is a very critical function of any email spying application. Knowing the content of email exchanged between your employee and customers, or between your kids and a total stranger is very important. Such information is very important for immediate or future decision. mSpy allows you to access this detail whether the email is incoming or outgoing provided the software is installed in the monitored device.

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2. Date and time stamp email were sent

mSpy email tracking monitoring feature is robust. In addition to allowing you read the full content of email on the monitored device, you can also see the date and time stamp of every email sent or received. This email history information helps you build future case when you to.

3. Contact information of the sender/recipient

If the contact information of the sender and recipient are in the address book, mSpy will provide the information for you. If you know the details of those involved in the email exchanges, it could come in very handy especially if you need to do a follow-up.

4. You can download attachment

When viewing the content of an email in a monitored device, it is possible the email may contain attachment(s). Where this is the case, mSpy is able to download the attachment for you. This way, as well as the content of the email, you can also have access to the attachment. You can view, and print the attachment.

5. Multiple email platforms

mSpy is able to spy on email across multiple platforms, for example Gmail for Android, and iOS. You can also use mSpy to track emails on Mail App for iOS.

mSpy is one of the best tracking software available in the market today. Its various features and its advance stealth mechanism make it very popular amongst users.

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