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Key Chain alarm Personal Safety Anti-rape self-defense portable burglar anti-lost

by spygadgets • September 13, 2016 • No Comments

Key Chain Alarm

Key Chain alarms are personal security gadgets used to draw attention to yourself during a security incident. It enhances feeling of safety and security.

Product Description:

Attached the key chain alarms to your key or carry in pocket. You can also carry it in any easy to reach and convenient place on you.

In a emergency pull the Key Chain alarms plug to activate the alarm. The device will make very load noise to draw attention.

Sound level

When activated (buy pulling plug), expect a very load noise. Up to 100-120 dB.

To stop noise.

Push in back the plug to stop the noise.

Other feature and uses

1. Nice and cool design. This make easily to conceal as keyholder/key chain
2. Every girl’s personal bodyguard. The device is simple to activate and enhances woman’s feeling of safety an confidence.
3. Use when you notice someone walking towards your suspiciously or menacingly. Don’t wait until too late. Follow your instincts. Don’t take chances.
4. keep close when walking or jogging on lonely path. Avoid lonely path if you can, keep your key chain alarm handy if you must follow lone path. Consider getting pepper spray too.
5. Can be used by the sick and elderly as panic button. Keep close to their bedside and show them how to use it.
6. Lost while traveling and need to attract help? This can happen especially on long road with many interception. If you can’t be heard when you call for help. Pull the button!
7. This alarm can protect your purses, cell phones and valuables against loss, theft, robbery. Just pull the plug!
8. This unit is battery operated. And it’s responsive, easy to carry, compact, can be used repeatedly!

Test and and get use to it. Don’t wait until emergency to get use to your device.

Be safe. Stay safe!

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