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5 things you can do with mSpy Call Manager – An mSpy Review

by spygadgets • September 14, 2016 • No Comments

mSpy Call Manager

mSpy call manager is the call tracking and monitoring function of the global leader in monitoring solutions – mSpy!
After the mSpy software is installed on the monitored phone, you can use the control panel to configure monitoring. The mSpy call manager is integrated into the panel. Through the panel you can track and manage calls. Here are 5 basic things you can do with mSpy call manager.

1. See time a call is place with mSpy call manager

The time of calls and the individuals involved can tell you so many things about the nature of call. For example, if it’s an official call, why wasn’t it made during office hour? If the call time is disputed, you can use call manager call log establish the truth. You can even see deleted call logs (unless they are deleted within two minutes of completing the call).

In case of your teenage children, it is important to know whom they spend time with on the phone. This is necessary especially if the calls are placed at odd hours.

2. See call Duration with mSpy call manager

You call use the call duration the judge the nature of call. Depending on nature of your business you are able to determine how long a typical transaction should last. If the call duration is too short or too long, you should be concerned. Either extreme could mean something is in the offing. You can’t be too paranoid in a matter of security.

3. See number of calls with mSpy call manager

For a business, a frequent caller could be a very important customer. Then again, it could be your competitors mounting pressure on your employee to divulge information. Or it could perhaps be your employee making calls to leak sensitive data. The number of calls tells tales.

In case of your teenage children too frequent calls to or from a number should raise concern. It’s make no sense for a mystery man or woman to engage you child on phone every now and then. As kids are particularly vulnerable to cyberbullying, cyberstalking, and cyberharrassment, knowing what is going in on is very important. mSpy call manager can help you with this data.

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4. See the name or number of any caller with mSpy call manager

You can see the name and number of a caller if it’s in the device’s address books. Name of caller is also important in call log analysis. Usually, it tells you how the device owner identifies the caller. You should know that plain names have their stories as do cryptic one. Knowing the names and the number will give your more insight into what is happening. Adding this information and preceding ones, you can determine if it’s a normal call or suspicious call.

Your employee or child should be ready to provide more detail on details of call if and when you need them.

5. Restrict unwanted calls with mSpy call manager

Calls from cyberbullies are clearly unhelpful. They are unwanted calls. Similarly, phone numbers used for requesting confidential data from your employee have no business calling your office if you can help it. Fortunately, with mSpy call manager you can place restrictions on those numbers and block them from getting through.

Whether you are protecting your child or business, mSpy call manager function is a good way to track, monitor, and manage phone calls. Take action now.

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