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5 Key features of the Tomight Defender Impromptu Tactical Pen

by spygadgets • September 5, 2016 • No Comments

5 Key features of the Tomight Defender Impromptu Tactical Pen

Here are five (5) key features of the Tomight Defender Impromptu Tactical Pen made by Aerospace Aluminum Steel using Aircraft Aluminium

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1. Multi-purpose

You can use your Tomight Defender Impromptu Tactical Pen to take notes, write cheques, as stylus pen, tungsten pen, etc. The pen writes smoothly. You can equally use it as a capable emergency personal security gadgets when dealing with an unexpected attacker and you are short of options.

In addition to the above, if you are stuck in your car as a result of an accident, you can use it as an emergency escape technology/gadget to break your windshield and get out.
And when taking a late walk in the park, or dark alley, you can use it’s flashlight to illuminate your way or temporarily blind an assailant.

Hence, the Tomight Defender Impromptu Tactical Pen can write smoothly, can serves as self-defense weapons, and break glasses or windshield. When you need a quick light, you are covered.

2. Knurling and Screw-on cap.

The upper half part of the pen (grip part) is knurled. The knurling makes it easy to grip the pen as impact weapon or when using it to shatter glasses. Unlike, most tactical pen, the Tomight Defender Impromptu Tactical Pen also features a screw on/off cap. While this design helps to secure the cap firmly on the unit, it also means, you have to practice unscrewing to determine the fastest way to do it in an emergency; and perhaps with one hand.

3. Aircraft Aluminum Quality

Most Tactical Pen are designed using aircraft aluminum. Same applies to the Tomight Defender Impromptu Tactical Pen. The aircraft aluminum gives it strength and ensure it gets the job done without suffering from the impact. Rest assured your tactical pen is not going to shirk from a job.

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4. Extras Accessories

The Tomight Defender Impromptu Tactical Pen packaging comes with extra refill for the pen, and extra batteries for the flashlight. This means you wont need to part with money anytime soon for those extra stuff. In the short or long term, it’s good value for money.

5. Portability

Furthermore, the Tomight Defender Impromptu Tactical Pen is lightweight as a result of the material it’s made from.  Because of it’s size and weight, you can carry it in your pocket or purse. The pocket clip is strong and holds firms when clipped to the pocket. This keeps it intact and keeps you from losing it.

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